Elbert Guillory Telling the Real Truth

Elbert Guillory: Preaching the Word in Every Season

Elbert Guillory: Preaching the Word in Every Season

Watch messages from a conservative Baptist minister

Are you tired of the noise and nonsense uttered by most preachers and politicians of our current era? Are you hungry for sermons from a devout and eloquent preacher?

Elbert Guillory is here for you. As both an African-American and a conservative, Guillory is a Baptist preacher unlike many others. Through inspiring sermons and clear-spoken blog posts, he’ll use the Word of God to illuminate events in the world around you. These messages will be dedicated to delivering the Real Truth to a generation that’s searching for answers.

There’s only one question: Are you ready to learn?

Learn Elbert Guillory’s history of advocacy

As a native of Louisiana, Elbert Guillory was a civil rights warrior beginning at the age of 15. Admitted to college at only 16 years of age, he made waves early in his academic career by writing controversial editorials about civil rights in the campus newspaper.

After graduating from Norfolk State University and serving in the U.S. Navy, Guillory enrolled at Rutgers Law School. After graduation, he taught law and attended New York Theological Seminary. This rich academic background provided the foundation on which Guillory would build his career as a minister, lawyer and state senator.

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